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Interview on upcoming children’s book

Interview on upcoming children’s book
Anita French

Anita French talks about her upcoming children's novel in New Life Radio interview

“What if I was to ask you a question. Do you like listening to, or reading a good story?”

Mike, presenter at New Life Radio, continues by introducing author, Anita French, who is in the process of publishing the children’s novel Jack and the Ultimate Dare.

Anita speaks about her personal background, being born in England and moving to Sweden at the age of six, where she spent most of her childhood and early twenties.

“I was all on track to become an English teacher in secondary school, when I went to York for an exchange programme. Then I got engaged while I was there and basically never went back home.”

Anita and her husband settled in Leeds where she became a teacher and mum of two.

She explains that she had started writing the book a few years previously, but it was only in lockdown that she had more time on her hands to complete it.

“After I finished it, I got some family and friends to read it and they thought it was actually quite good … so I decided to try and get it published.”

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…It opens up discussions about bullying, compassion and forgiveness…

Anita French

About the Book

Jack and the Ultimate Dare 3D cover

An adventure novel for children aged 10-12, based on the parable of the Good Samaritan.

Jack Hart and his gang The Reds, are the most feared boys in his year group. Breaking the school rules, shoplifting and bullying weaker students, Jack enjoys the feeling of power and is popular with many of the girls. Then one day he is invited to join a criminal gang, consisting of older lads who dropped out of school, if he is able to complete the ultimate dare. Jack and The Reds hatch a plan, whilst trying to avoid the ever-watchful eyes of the local police officer, PC Thomas, and of course their arch enemy – Old Man Sam.




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