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Interview with author Cath Hensby Worboys

Interview with author Cath Hensby Worboys

Cath Hensby Worboys is interviewed by a good friend.

Cath Hensby Worboys, author of the Christian children’s fantasy novel The Pale-Faced Girl, has shared the story behind the book in a YouTube interview with Emma, Communications Officer and a leader at Buckskin Evangelical Church, Basingstoke.

“My first question is, for how long did you actually want to be a writer?” Emma asks.

“Oh gosh, nearly as long as I can remember.”

Cath says that since she was seven years old she knew that she wanted to write a book and that she would often write and illustrate stories as a child. Now being published is a dream come true.

“What’s inspired you to write it?” Emma asks next.

Given that the book has taken a long time to come about, Cath explains that it is a difficult one to answer. However, she recalls when the idea first came about, twenty years previously. She was on holiday in Peru with her husband, visiting the Amazon Rainforest. On the long “5 hours or so” journey back, on a boat along the Amazon River, she recalls that she had alot of time to think and rest. It was in these moments that the idea for this book cameinto her mind, which bit by bit grew from there.

See full interview below, or to watch on Youtube Click Here.


The fact that it’s written and finished is amazing in itself and could never have happened without God’s help.

Cath Hensby Worboys

About the Book

The Pale-Faced Girl

“There’s so much darkness over this town.” The pale-faced girl turned to Jack with sorrowful eyes. “Can you see it?”
Small patches of darkness had emerged across the town, ugly and menacing. Jack shuddered. His eye fell upon a low oblong building towards the west of town. It was obscured by a patch which seemed larger, darker and more sinister than the rest, and threatened to consume the entire building. Jack realized with a shock what he was looking at.
“That’s my school!”

Soon Jack finds himself on a quest to uncover the Dark forces that threaten to bring danger to his school. What are the secrets being shared in hushed whispers? What Darkness is hidden in the library? And how is Mrs Grimshaw, the deputy head teacher, involved in it all?

The Pale-Faced Girl 3D Book Cover




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