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Is There Death in the Pot?

Is There Death in the Pot?

Teaching that challenges replacement theology and uncovers Israel’s role in the end time.

“There is death in the pot” were the words spoken to the prophet Elisha by the sons of the prophets. Replacement theology is a relatively new title used to describe a very old doctrinal belief. It suggests that the Church has superseded Israel. All the biblical promises which, prior to Jesus’ coming, applied to Israel now apply to the Church.

Frank Andrews demonstrates how the Jews have suffered badly at the hands of many nations, and the church in particular, because of a wrong and dangerous understanding of God’s present and future purposes for this race. As His end-time plans for Israel unfold, it is vital that every Christian has a sound understanding of His relationship with this nation. In these last days, the church is rediscovering God’s unfailing love for the Jews as they are restored to their Messiah in the great, final harvest.

This is a significant book for the end times. Easy to read, yet profound in its implications.

ISBN: 9781907509421 (PB)

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Frank Andrews

Frank Andrews


Frank Andrews taught for a total of 22 years in secondary schools both in England and Zimbabwe. He was ordained as Pastor in the Assemblies of God Church in Zimbabwe in 1990. He later established Hyndburn Christian Fellowship in Accrington, UK.
In 2004 he had a serious stroke, which caused him to have to retire from teaching in the education sector.

He has always had a love and respect for the Jewish people from the time of his conversion. He recognised the Call of God to serve him by exposing the errors of Replacement Theology




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