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Jim Bryden

Jim Bryden

As a young teenager and non-churchgoer, Jim had a Damascus Road encounter with Christ which was to lead him into ministry in the Salvation Army. He and his wife Helen were ordained and commissioned as officers in 1968 and served in Scotland, South America, Zimbabwe and England. Always a pastor and preacher first, he’s held a variety of posts as a tutor and lecturer in Bible studies and Theology at the Salvation Army’s International College in London and as Training Principal in Zimbabwe. Besides academic and pastoral responsibilities, for the last six years of active ministry he held the post of Territorial Ecumenical officer for the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. He holds a Bachelor of Divinity degree (Glasgow) and a Masters in Systematic Theology from King’s College London.

‘Journey of Faith’ Series

From the time we make Jesus our Lord and Saviour until the time we will see him in our heavenly home, we are each on a journey of faith. In his collection of short teaching books, Jim Bryden draws alongside us as a travel companion, helping us to understand the map of God’s Word and to avoid dead-ends and danger zones along the path.

This book opens up Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, with 21 daily readings, explanations and applications, as well as optional short exercises to help you dig deeper into the Word.

This collection of daily readings and short exercises examines the life of Jesus- who he was, what he did and his death and resurrection. Jim Bryden guides us through scriptures to help us better understand the map of God’s Word and to avoid dead-ends and danger zones along the way. Be inspired to dig deeper into the Bible every day with Messiah Jesus.

This book studies God’s plan to reach the world through the church, the Body of Christ. Beginning with the ascension of Christ and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, Jim then shows how believers are called to live out their lives and share the gospel with perseverance and faithfulness, with the promise of a heavenly reward. The book concludes with a forward look to the return of Jesus, as recorded in Revelation.

Big Questions 3D Cover

This book tackles many of the difficult questions concerning suffering. How can a good God allow people to suffer? Does God experience our pain? What is the purpose of suffering in the life of a Christian?

This book addresses many of life’s biggest questions and objections concerning the Christian faith. Is God in control? Are heaven and hell real places? Will a loving God judge the world? What is the kingdom of God? Find answers to these and more in this easy-to-read, no-nonsense guide and the challenge to follow Jesus and share this faith with others. 




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