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Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come

A modern children's parable, based on the message of the gospel and the hope of Christ's return.

There was no peace in the King’s face. “My son, I have grim news. Your cousin is dead.”

Gideon tried to speak but no words came.

“All he did was to speak the truth. He was killed because he would not stop.”

Slow anger began to burn in Gideon. “Why do your subjects not rebel against this attack?” he demanded.

The face of the King softened. “My son, they no longer want to fight. Some no longer even want a King.”

The thought presented itself as quietly and inevitably as the first gleam of dawn. “Let me go, Sire.”

So begins a journey of adventure, discovery and friendship, in which Gideon soon encounters a dark and formidable foe.

ISBN: 9781910197196 (PB) / 9781910197356 (HC)

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Jenny Rose

Jenny Rose


Christian counsellor Jenny Rose has always enjoyed writing and drawing. Even when she was small, she has preferred a pen to sweets! She has written three books. ‘The Strongest Tree’ and ‘Bear Facts’ are biographical, whilst ‘Kingdom Come’ is a children’s fantasy novel.

Jenny has been a teacher, a carer and has lived in a Christian community. She has also travelled to India for evangelistic work but is now settled in a seaside town with her husband, Andrew, and a large, cunning Labrador called Beri!




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