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Life Begins When You Choose

Life Begins When You Choose

True stories of women in Ivy Church, Manchester whose lives were transformed as they encountered Jesus through their church communities.

These TRUE STORIES of women in Manchester, each from a very different background, reveal lives transformed as they encountered Jesus through their church communities.

The stories are easy-to-read but many are hard-hitting; they tell of how much we need God in our lives to bring us from hopelessness and despair to a lifestyle we never knew existed.

Get one for yourself and one to give away.

Ivy Church, from where these stories originate, exists to help people find their way back to God.

ISBN: 9781911086017 (PB) / 9781911086024 (HC)

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Joyce Gbeleyi

Joyce Gbeleyi


Joyce was born in Leeds, West Yorkshire to Nigerian parents with three other siblings. She was brought up with Christian values, but the family split up when she was a young child.

She married at the age of twenty and enjoyed many adventures with her husband Olu, as well as family reconciliations. But a further ten years passed before she committed her life to Jesus. At that time Joyce and Olu had two daughters, Sarah and Maria, whom Joyce looked after while Olu was fully involved in Nigerian politics. During those times, Joyce learned about God’s provision, with the help of devoted Christian colleagues at the literacy charity for which she worked.

Later, Joyce and her daughters spent time living in Nigeria to support Olu after his successful election into the Ogun State House of Assembly and selection as Deputy Speaker. Then they were blessed with a son, Simon, and relocated to Manchester.

Now at the age of fifty, Joyce is keen to share with others the lessons learned through her life experiences through a mature Christian lens. She is currently studying Kingdom Theology at Westminster Theological College and is a member of Ivy Church, Manchester.




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