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Listen out for UCB2’s interview with Anita French

Listen out for UCB2’s interview with Anita French

UCB2 Presenter Ruth O'Reilly-Smith will be interviewing author Anita French about her exciting new children's book.

Anita French will be talking about Jack and the Ultimate Dare, an adventure novel for children aged 9-12 years old and based on the story of The Good Samaritan.


30 May 2022, 11am

Anita French

Anita French


Ruth O'Reilly-Smith

Ruth O'Reilly-Smith


About the Book

Jack Hart and his gang, The Reds, are the most feared boys in his year group. Breaking the school rules, shoplifting and bullying weaker students, Jack enjoys the feeling of power and is popular with many of the girls. Then one day he is invited to join a criminal gang, consisting of older lads who dropped out of school, if he is able to complete the ultimate dare.

Jack and The Reds hatch a plan, whilst trying to avoid the ever-watchful eyes of the local police officer, PC Thomas, and of course their arch enemy – Old Man Sam.

With a Light Touch 3D Cover

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