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Living Through Lockdown

Living Through Lockdown
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A book of poetry recording the pandemic and pointing us towards a God working through it all

From the first news of the Covid-19 outbreak in the UK, to the hope arising from a vaccination programme being put into place, Rev. Preben Andersen has written poetry to keep a record of our shared 2020 pandemic experiences in the UK.

His poems cover the politics and the scramble to understand the science, but also the daily experiences and sacrifices we have all had to make, and the challenges for frontline workers, school children, separated families and others. Behind it all, Preben recognises a God who is still on the throne, and working in our lives even as our experience of church has changed.

Reverend Andersen hits that rare mark between thoughtfulness and humour.

Rev. Gordon Gresswell

About the Author

Preben Andersen

Preben Andersen

The Reverend Preben Andersen is a Methodist minister of religion who, at the age of 70, has recently retired from active ministry to concentrate on his life-long ambition of writing books. He is of Danish origin but domiciled in Britain since 1977. Living Through Lockdown is his debut, while his second book, Thought for the Weak, is scheduled to be published later in 2021.

He is married to Margaret, they live in Clevedon and have three adult children and numerous grandchildren, many of them living just across from the Severn Bridge. He enjoys writing, reading, walking, Scandinavian crime on TV, and he is hoping soon to join an outdoor bowling club for much needed exercise (says Margaret!)

His writing has proven to appeal to Christians and non-Christians alike and he has written numerous regular articles to the secular press over the years. His aim is always to point people to Christ but in a non-threatening and gentle and often humorous way.

Preben would love to hear from you at any time and has a reputation for replying promptly, so please do not hesitate to e-mail him on This can be for advice, with comments, or to hear more about what he has written over the years, in a non-commercial capacity, and with any profits mostly going to church charities.


June 2021

12 June, 12pm – 3.30pm.

Clevedon Literary Festival
Preben has a table to sell and talk about his book Living Through Lockdown.
Address: Princess Hall Theatre, 2 Prince’s Road, Clevedon BS21 7SZ

Endorsements and Reviews

Rev. Gordon Gresswell

The ‘Great Dane’ uses his adopted second language to bless us with an array of words to get us through these pandemic days. Preben’s boyish enthusiasm shines through each reflection, story and poem, and his deep care for God’s world pours out of the pages. Reverend Andersen hits that rare mark between thoughtfulness and humour. A blessing in these strange times.

Rev. Gordon Gresswell

Gordon Hill

If you have been in the Forces, the expression ‘Sky-pilot’ will be familiar. Preben Andersen was the Chaplain to the Caldicot Branch of the Royal British Legion and came to us as the first Methodist, and the first Dane, to hold the role. He became a great friend of all and always had time for any who needed a shoulder. His talks on Remembrance Day, often aimed at the children, were a star-turn. Tall, quietly spoken and humble, his poetry, writing and enthusiasm for people hugely impressed me, even after a lifetime of cynicism towards religion. A ‘Sky-pilot’ of the very best.

Gordon Hill
President, Caldicot & District Branch
The Royal British Legion

Tall, quietly spoken and humble, [Preben’s] poetry, writing and enthusiasm for people [have] hugely impressed me…

Gordon Hill

President, Caldicot & District Branch, The Royal British Legion




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