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Liz Carter and Fiona Linday discuss each other’s books

Liz Carter and Fiona Linday discuss each other’s books
Liz Carter

Liz Carter

Author, Blogger

Liz Carter has written for 'More Than Writers', to discuss the underlying theme of 'Hope' found in both Fiona Linday's book and her own

Liz begins the article by reflecting on both the mutual support between authors found on the website More Than Writers and her own personal interest in looking into the themes and motivations of others writing.

She introduces Fiona Linday, author of Count Our Blessings and points out the similarities between their books,

“Fiona and I realised that we’d both written a book of short stories and poetry with the theme of hope, and thought it would be interesting to ask one another about our writing.”

“Our styles and content are very different, yet both take the reader on a journey through the realities of darkness and towards glimpses of light.”

Digging a little deeper into the theme, Liz describes Fiona’s book as a variety of short stories spanning decades, bringing out various societal issues. She points out the instances of oppression and injustice, but in balance, the hope that would take the reader beyond the sadness.

Liz brings Fiona into the conversation, asking,

“Could you tell me a bit more about why you choose to write short stories which include social issues?”

To which Fiona replies,

“I try to avoid surface talk. As someone who prays about issues close to my heart, for me what I lift up to God prioritises what really matters.”

In response to Liz’s next question, Fiona then talks more about her own writing style and her eagerness to research alongsider her writing,

“I’m motivated by what moves me. I often research and join in volunteering, like for my YA novella ‘Get Over It, adventures.’”

To read the full article, click here.

For me, your stories are ones to go back to and re-read

Liz Carter

I’m motivated by what moves me

Fiona Linday

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Fiona Linday offers us an insightful collection of her short stories and poems – some fact, some fiction, but all powerful narratives of the world we live in. Exploring different cultures, different generations, and highlighting inequality, injustice and pain, Fiona nonetheless manages to steer us all in the direction of hope, purpose and life.

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