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Lockdown Talks

Lockdown Talks

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A collection of daily devotional talks to help you grow in your faith and deepen your relationship with God.

During the pandemic lockdowns of 2020-21, many churches turned to the Internet as a platform to bring believers together in fellowship and to reach those outside the church.

Pastor and international itinerant minister David Flanders produced a daily devotional series of short video talks, shared on Facebook and watched by hundreds of people across the world every day. Always practical, insightful and Bible-based, his talks covered a wide variety of themes, from principles of God’s kingdom to significant people and places from church history, from digging deeper into particular passages of scripture to explaining what the gospel means for us today, and much more.

Here is a collection of 270 of his daily devotional talks, each with a scripture followed by a short, inspiring message to help you grow in your faith and deepen your relationship with God.

There’s plenty of wit and wisdom in these pages as David draws on personal experience and anecdotes as well as scripture to provide encouragement and ‘daily bread’ for us.

David Mitchell

Senior Pastor, Woodlands Church, Bristol

About the Author

David Flanders

David Flanders

David Flanders has travelled over a million miles with the gospel. He has been in full time ministry for forty years and started preaching when he was fourteen years old.

God’s call on his life saw him ministering all over Europe, the UK and the United States as an itinerant evangelist and he planted churches in Malta, Estonia and Liechtenstein through his campaigns.

From 1986 he held visiting chairs in several Norwegian Bible colleges and was the speaker over many years at two Norwegian youth camps as well as churches throughout Norway. On his hundredth visit to that country he received a letter of commendation from King Harald for services to the youth of Norway.

In 1987, while still travelling extensively, David and his wife Joy were led by God to plant Souls Harbour Church in his hometown of Camelford, Cornwall where he remains the senior pastor today.

Other positions David has held for the Assemblies of God are West of England Church Planting Director, Director of Missions (The Americas) and leader of the AOG in Cornwall.

David was founder of The Malta Mission, co-founder of Agape Christian Training and the iSpeak Training course for preachers.

Since the coronavirus pandemic David’s ‘Daily Talks’ on Facebook have garnered an international following with up to four hundred people watching each day.

David is also an accomplished watercolour artist and actor, and enjoys reading, films and the county of Cornwall!


November 2021

28 Nov, 9.30pm & 11am

Pastor David Mitchell interviewing David Flanders, followed by a preach by the author.
All welcome.
Address: Woodlands Church, Woodland Rd, Bristol BS8 2AA

December 2021

3 Dec, 6pm

Book signing at Aquilla Christian Bookshop in Launceston, during the late night opening.
Address: 9 Westgate St, Launceston PL15 7AB

Endorsements and Reviews

Derek Thomas, MP

Did David think for a minute that what was to be a daily virtual insight in to God’s Word for his congregation during a brief lockdown would still be part of his daily routine nearly a year later? I doubt it but I’m glad.

David and his wife, Joy, have become firm friends and I feel privileged to enjoy the rare opportunities we get to catch up.

David’s ability to understand and communicate how the bible, the truth of scripture, can relate to everyone’s everyday life is remarkable and demonstrates both a lifetime of faithful study and an ear to hear. For this I’m grateful and I know these brief studies will bring encouragement, challenge and comfort and will be useful in training us in righteousness. An old-fashioned word but well worth investing in!

Derek Thomas

David Mitchell, Senior Pastor

I’m so glad to commend this collection of lockdown reflections from my old friend David Flanders. There’s plenty of wit and wisdom in these pages as David draws on personal experience and anecdotes as well as scripture to provide encouragement and ‘daily bread’ for us.

This is the work of a pastor for his flock, but also a resource to draw on for anyone in the joys and trials of life beyond this pandemic. But be warned, you will be challenged as well as inspired by what you read.


David Mitchell
Senior Pastor
Woodlands Church, Bristol

Dr Cecil Stewart OBE

David Flanders was fourteen years old when he attended one of our missions in Tintagel, Cornwall. I was very aware that the hand of the Lord was upon him as I prayed with him to receive the Holy Spirit. Over the years David has gone from strength to strength and I am delighted and honoured to have the privilege of writing this short endorsement for his lockdown talks. I find these talks inspiring, enlightening and empowering. It is obvious that these talks are anointed and God-honouring, they are full of the word and very relevant for these times and seasons we are now currently experiencing. I highly recommend these talks to anyone who really desires God’s best and who have a vision to reach their destiny and fulfil God’s purpose for their lives in these challenging times.

Dr Cecil Stewart OBE

…these brief studies will bring encouragement, challenge and comfort…

Derek Thomas





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