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Marriage book ‘lessons are apt and so relevant’ according to popular Instagram reviewer

Marriage book ‘lessons are apt and so relevant’ according to popular Instagram reviewer

'What I never knew when I said I do' by Bolaji Eyo receives glowing review from Toyin A on Instagram.

Bolaji Eyo’s book about the surprises, joys and challenges of marriage was reviewed by toyinldr.

The popular Instagram page run by Toyin A offers reviews of books and podcasts. In the recent instagram post Toyin described What I never knew when I said I do’ as ‘…apt and so relevant to anyone who wants to improve their relationship.’
She shares how ‘With each story, you realise that it is necessary to maintain a good sense of your self worth so you can be in a healthy relationship.’
Thank you to toyinldr for your positive review of Eolaji’s wonderful book!

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It is written in such a way to make you reflect about things you want to change or maintain.

Toyin A.

About the Book


  • Is it possible to plan for a successful marriage?
  • What are the signs of a healthy relationship?
  • What are the most common mistakes to avoid?
  • What if I become attracted to another man?
  • How will children impact our marriage?
  • How can we ensure that our love will last a lifetime?

A good relationship can be a bed of roses – but you still have to watch out for the thorns! This helpful guide to navigating the early years of marriage tackles head-on many of the common issues that young married couples face.

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