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Mayor gives keynote speech at book launch

Mayor gives keynote speech at book launch

A recent book launch for 'What I never knew when I said I do' was hosted by a Holiday Inn in London.

Author Bolaji Eyo recently hosted an event for the launch of her book ‘What I never knew when I said I do‘, a concise guide to maintaining healthy relationships. 

Bolaji answered questions about the book and her writing process, and had the opportunity to hear some glowing reviews from readers. 

The head of Church Social Responsibility for Jesus House UK was the chairperson for the event. In her opening speech she stated, “I believe this is a book for everyone who has the desire to get married, and for those of us who are married irrespective of the number of years. I’m sure you’ve had that feeling where someone said something or sings a song about something and you think, ‘that’s exactly how I feel’. I had many such moments as I read the book by Bolaji.”

The mayor of Borehamwood, Mayor Cllr. Victor Eni and his wife, Martine, were also in attendance and the mayor gave a keynote speech. 

Guests enjoyed tea and cake while listening to the speeches, and then had a chance to get their copy signed by Bolaji.

Thank you to everyone who made this fantastic event possible, and congratulations to Bolaji for a successful book launch!

Bolaji Eyo

Bolaji Eyo

About the Book


  • Is it possible to plan for a successful marriage?
  • What are the signs of a healthy relationship?
  • What are the most common mistakes to avoid?
  • What if I become attracted to another man?
  • How will children impact our marriage?
  • How can we ensure that our love will last a lifetime?

A good relationship can be a bed of roses – but you still have to watch out for the thorns! This helpful guide to navigating the early years of marriage tackles head-on many of the common issues that young married couples face.

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