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MET Connexion Reviews ‘Preparing for Revival’

MET Connexion Reviews ‘Preparing for Revival’

MET Connexion explores how we can "experience revival in our generation".

MET Connexion, the magazine for Methodist Evangelicals Together, has reviewed Michael Angle Ogwuche’s timely book, Preparing for Revival, in their Autumn 2020 edition.

Reviewer Revd Derek Balsdon notes that “Preparing for Revival contains both deep despair and great hope” and that the author “challenges us to realign ourselves to God by calling us to a closer relationship with God which includes deep repentance of our own sin … the sin of the chuch and the sin of the nation.”

“The book is not just theoretical, it is also very practical, and includes biblical prayers of repentance and renewal. Michael inspires us to faith so that through our covenant relationship with God, we can experience God’s merciful blessings afresh upon the church and the nations.”

You can read the whole review HERE.

Michael inspires us to faith so that … we can experience God’s merciful blessings afresh…

Revd Derek Balsdon

Methodist Presbyter

About the Book

Revival is coming, but we need to be ready!

Michael shows how a final end-time revival is prophesied in Scripture, but also highlights the importance of being prepared for what God is about to do. In a ‘post-truth’ culture, the need to really know Jesus, the Truth, is greater than ever before. It is time for us to ground ourselves again in the foundational truths of Scripture and develop a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit, to live holy lives and to demonstrate the power of God to the world around. It is time to pray more strategically and to lay our lives down for the Kingdom of Heaven.

This rallying call from a missionary to the West will increase your hunger to see God’s will done in your life, in your church and in your nation.




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