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Moving His Dwelling Place

Moving His Dwelling Place
Moving His Dwelling Place_3D Cover

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Encouragement for the journey of faith

Linguist, wordsmith and poet John Marshall loves ‘those occasions when the Lord very obviously shows up and does something wonderful’. His writings are filled with stories of how, in ordinary day-to-day life, when praying or when reading the Bible, God says something surprising and turns a mundane moment into a life-changing experience.

Here, a collection of John’s stories are gathered from his spiritual journal and presented in a daily devotional format, each with a Bible verse to meditate on, a poem to delight and challenge the heart, and a prayer to help us get started in our conversation with God.


About the Author

John Marshall

John Marshall

Originally from Yorkshire, John Marshall grew up in Torquay, Devon, on the top of a hill, overlooking the town and the distant bay. He remembers the openness, the cries of gulls, a garden bursting with flowers and insects, and he was from a very young age in awe of the natural world and its Creator.

Having studied French and Spanish at university, he spent most of his working life in teaching. Now retired, he admits to being ‘spectacularly good at doing not very much’. His wife agrees and once claimed that he was the only person she knew who could happily spend an entire afternoon contemplating nothing more than a blade of grass. That said, he also writes, surveys and photographs local butterflies, walks, runs and cycles, and occasionally does a little exploring in France and Spain, particularly in the mountains and other wild places. In the Church, he especially likes praying with others, ‘above all on those occasions when the Lord very obviously shows up and does something wonderful’.

John is married to Carol. They live in the South West, not very far from their three children and six grandchildren.




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