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My Favourite Church

My Favourite Church


Release Date: 1 october 2019

Through 100 daily readings, in-depth study and practical application, Alan Hoare takes us through Paul’s letter to his “favourite church” – the church in Philippi. As he demonstrates how to systematically read and apply scripture, you will find yourself eager to start digging out the incredible riches and treasures found in the Word of God, not only on the surface, but also just underneath.

…a refreshing and challenging look at the spiritual history and life of the church in Great Britain.

Laurie Mellor

Founder of the 'Mellor Practice' and author.

About the Author

Alan Hoare

Alan Hoare

Alan Hoare was the assistant pastor of two Elim Pentecostal churches in North London, and helped to pioneer two more, before becoming pastor of the Elim Pentecostal church in Lincoln for nearly ten years. Following this he joined New Life church in Lincoln, where he pastored a number of linked congregations and later headed up the pastoral and teaching ministry of the church. He went on to become the senior pastor of the New Life church in Boston, before retiring to give himself to more study.

Endorsements and Reviews

Johnny Markin, Pastor of Worship Ministries at Northview Community Church
As always, Alan’s books are such a refreshing blend of biblical explanation and pastoral encouragement. These devotionals feed both the heart and the mind in a beautifully complementary manner. Knowing and working with him these many years, what he puts on the pages is what you’ll hear him speaking about with passion across the kitchen table from you! Truly wonderful stuff!

Johnny Markin
Pastor of Worship Ministries at Northview Community Church

Ishmael, Singer-SONGWRITER

Alan is a Bible teacher. He doesn’t just read the Bible, he studies and researches each passage he reads. Why does he do this? For two main reasons, I think. Firstly, because He wants to get to know God and His Word better himself, and secondly, so that he can share what he has learned with others so they too can enjoy a similar experience. I recommend that you invest in this book, it really will bring Paul’s letter to the Philippians alive in a new and refreshing way.


Chris Bowater, Singer-SONGWRITER
Alan Hoare is my ‘go to’ friend in ministry. He is a ‘Pastor’s pastor!’ He exudes wisdom honed through the years of faithfully serving and listening to God. He is a rare breed. Alan is a Spirit filled, fully signed up Evangelical, mystic. He, like the mystics of old, has learned to ‘settle himself in silence’ and become absorbed in simply ‘being.’ His joy in the written Word of God is infectious. Enjoy the writings of this scholarly, kind and gentleman.

Chris Bowater

Bill Partington, Head of Strategic Ministry Relations at UCB

In the many years I’ve known Alan Hoare, I’ve recognised in him the heart of a teaching pastor. He loves the people of God, His “flock”, recognising that, in the same way Jesus commissioned Peter to feed His sheep, he is called to teach and impart the Word of God into their hearts and minds.  Whilst Alan is deep, theologically speaking, he breaks the Word up small so the reader can understand and digest it wherever they are in their faith.  You will enjoy and be blessed, challenged and encouraged by Alan’s ministry

Bill Partington
Head of Strategic Ministry Relations at UCB


Laurie Mellor, author and founder of the 'Mellor Practice'
Alan gives us distilled nuggets of wisdom in his latest commentary. As always, Jesus is at the centre of Alan’s thoughts and you will benefit from his deep personal relationship with the Saviour. I highly recommend his book.

Laurie Mellor
Author and founder of the ‘Mellor Practice’


Dr John-Henry Lonie PHD, founder of Sustainable Direction Ltd
Alan finds a way to reach busy God-seeking Christians in his books that makes the key messages accessible and applicable immediately.  He balances his knowledge carefully to let us know just enough detail to ground-truth the setting of the story, and on which he builds his message, providing insight into the world view at the time of writing.  He then uses his quiet and deeply won wisdom to connect the message to challenges we face, and what we can learn from this and apply to our lives today.  He seems to just catch the right balance of head (information and analysis), with heart (longings), with gut (knowing what to do), in a way that guides us to pursue our path to God.

Dr John-Henry Lonie, PHD 
Founder of Sustainable Direction LTD

Dr Bob Duerden

It is a delight and a privilege to be able to recommend Alan’s latest book to you. He writes from the heart of a man who has an intense love and passion not just for the Word of God but for Author of the Word, in whose company he has spent much time.  I have never failed to be touched by the gracious way in which Alan opens the Word of God to the people of God. In this book you will, like the man in Jesus’ parable, find great treasure that will enrich your soul and expand your spiritual horizons.

Dr Bob Duerden


Rev Ian Silk, Pastor, Teacher, Missioner and Researcher
One of the most valuable gifts we can ever be given is sound, loving spiritual guidance. With keen insight, Alan leads his readers into, through and beyond Paul’s most encouraging of letters, so that we can taste the joy for ourselves. We are the richer for this care-full, Spirit-breathed study, and will want to pray more diligently and reach out more boldly in the light of it.

Rev Ian SIlk
Pastor, Teacher, Missioner and Researcher


Mark Watson, senior pastor of Sleaford New Life Church,

Alan’s rich exposition of scripture is both strengthening and challenging. As an author and teacher, his daily approach to unpacking Philippians reveals the wealth and depth of the Apostle Paul’s letter, encouraging and teaching the followers of Jesus in genuine Christianity. Alan brings depth of meaning and practical application in language accessible for every believer in their pursuit of Christlike discipleship. 

Mark Watson
Senior Pastor of Sleaford New Life Church


You will enjoy and be blessed, challenged and encouraged by Alan’s ministry.

Bill Partington

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