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My Little Book of Bible Quotes

My Little Book of Bible Quotes

A booklet summarizing many of the central Bible verses to the Christian faith.

This pocket book of Bible verses is an excellent resource for daily meditation, discipleship and evangelism. Drawn from a range of English translations, these quotes summarize the core Christian message and its relevance to our daily lives.

ISBN: 9781907509698 (PB)

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A. Mills-Roberts

A. Mills-Roberts


A. Mills-Roberts found the love of Jesus when she was in her forties. When attending Basic Classes at her large church she discovered a desire to learn; the more she learnt, the closer I came to knowing her Lord Jesus.

From her earliest days as a Christian, she began to write down the important facts of the Christian faith. If she heard someone say something that she didn’t feel was in keeping with God’s Word, she would go home, look it up and write it down. She carried her notes around on pieces of paper that she would read whenever she had the chance, and some were beside her bed as a quick read before sleep. And so her note collection gradually grew into a book – My Little Book Of Bible Quotes – “so much neater than scraps of paper!”

Mrs Mills-Roberts has found that quotes from God himself, verses from the Bible, have helped her through the trials of her life, including the death of her husband. The scriptures have guided her as a home group leader and intercessor in church, and also as a church warden.




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