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Nadine De Lange

Nadine De Lange

Ultimately, spending time with God, along with the prospect of more souls being saved, gets Nadine out of bed every morning. As a pastor, writer and counsellor, Nadine is passionate about establishing and sharing the Father heart of God with everyone she meets. She enjoys equipping and encouraging the Body of Christ through preaching, teaching, counselling and missions.

Her deep interest in every aspect of leadership is fuelled by her yearning to see godly leaders rise up across the nations, in the workforce, church, government and even in the playground. Nadine is blessed to be married to Dean and they have two wonderful boys. Together they are the founders of Renovar Ministries, a ministry that stands for the restoration of every family member within the body of Christ.

Hello, Little Piglet

The Quest of Zac and Zina

A story for children aged 5-7 that teaches the value of social justice through caring for those less fortunate, and explains how to begin a personal relationship with Jesus.

Zac and Zina are going on an exciting road trip to a farm in the countryside.
While spending time with their grandmother, they meet a boy on the street who has noone to look after him. With their grandmother’s help, they show him kindness, explain just how great Jesus is and gain a new friend.

Hello Little Piglet Cover

This is Me!


These books, for children aged 3-5, investigate what makes each of us unique and how we are “wonderfully made” by God (Psalm 139:14).




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