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North Somerset Times features local authors

North Somerset Times features local authors

Preben Andersen is one of three local authors featured in the North Somerset Times

The June 30th 2021 edition of the North Somerset Times has put a spotlight on local authors with it’s article titled An ex-postman, a Methodist minister and former comic all bring out books. The article, written by Henry Woodsford, showcases the three local authors, all with very different writing styles and subject matter.

Henry introduces Preben and his local connection.

Reverend Preben Andersen is a retired Methodist minister, who, with his wife Margaret, came to live in Clevedon at the end of August 2020.”

He goes on to mention a little more about Preben’s background and then shares about the book itself.

“Preben started writing the book of poetry and reflection on the day in March 2020 when the pandemic started and he finished it on the day in early December when news of the first vaccine was announced”

The article has been published in both the printed and online editions of the paper.

Click Here to read the full article.

Despite the serious subject matter, there is plenty in the book also to make you smile and feel happy and blessed.
Henry Woodsford

Chief Reporter, North Somerset Times

About the Book

Thought for the Weak started as a regular column in the Free Press newspaper by the Reverend Preben Andersen. Now the best of his popular writings have been gathered into this treasury.

Preben’s column was beautifully Christian but with a gentle and often humorous style, attracting readers exploring faith and those unfamiliar with the Christian message, as well as followers of Jesus. His writings often draw on current national and local events for stories and illustrations, but his messages are firmly based on Scripture and are as relevant to us now as they were to the local community when they were written.

Find yourself at times amused, at times moved, at once challenged and encouraged, as you dig into this nourishing collection.




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