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Northern Soul

Northern Soul

Set in the north of England, this book tells the remarkable story of how God transformed the life of a punk and football hooligan into one of devotion and service to Jesus.

Would it bother you if your vicar or pastor was a former skinhead, punk-rocker and football hooligan? What about your Sunday School teacher? For that matter, what about St Paul who was a persecutor of Christians and then had them thrown into prison, or Moses who murdered a man?

This is a timely modern story of how God chooses sinners, any of us, and makes them into saints for his glory. David O’Brien was a least likely candidate for church leadership but God had his eye on him from his childhood amidst the ordinary working class culture of Greater Manchester.

ISBN: 9781910197592 (PB) / 9781910197608 (HC)

“An inspirational story and a compelling read, this is ideal for encouraging Christians, spiritual seekers and those who have never heard the Gospel.”
Mark Rylands

Bishop of Shrewsbury

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David O'Brien

David O'Brien


David O’Brien lives in Blackpool with his wife Alison and son Josh. He serves as vicar of St Thomas’, Blackpool and the Diocese of Blackburn.

David’s early life had no clear direction, and was focused around punk rock and football. But then he had a surprising encounter with God that changed his life. He studied Theology on the Carlisle and Blackburn ordination training course at Moorlands College, Dorset and at the Nazarene Theological College, Manchester. Now he has been a vicar in the Church of England for eleven years.




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