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One-to-one with Elspeth

One-to-one with Elspeth

Part of The St Albans Podcast, One-to-One with Elspeth is a weekly programme returning local Christian broadcaster Elspeth Jackman to the airwaves.

Author and Broadcaster Bill Hamilton has taken over as host for Elspeth’s latest weekly podcast, interviewing her about her recently published book of poetry Guinea Pigs, God and the Garden.

Bill begins by introducing Elspeth in the ways that she is known by many, as a broadcaster, musician, painter and piano teacher.

“She’s now become a creative artist in another media, because she’s written a beautiful book of poetry.”

Elspeth explains the reason for the title and that many of the poems had been inspired by the garden and times of reflection over lockdown. Bill responds,

“Really, I suppose it’s creating a sense of wonder in the everyday things of life.”

During the podcast, Elspeth also reads one of her humorous poems named Spiders in the Bath.

To listen to the full podcast Click Here.

What can you do when you’re sitting with your weeds? … I can talk to God.

Elspeth Jackman

About the Book

A collection of poems – some fun, some insightful, all delightful – by former radio host, Elspeth Jackman.

It’s not the crumbs in the bed
Or the hairbrush on the breakfast table
Or the dog-hairs on the chairs
Or even guinea pig poos in the conservatory
That bother me.

Not much, anyway.
What bothers me
Is that no-one else
No-one else (un-chivvied)
Will do anything about it.
Only me!




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