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Our Authors

A – C

Trudy Adams
Sue Aldridge
S. Amos
Esther Anderson
Revd Frank Andrews
Ian Andrews
Veronica Anthony
Tobias Arndt
Jamie Austin
David J. Aston
Isaac Ayodele

Pontus Back
David Bedford
Peter Bell
Andy Black
Anne Bland
Eve Bonham
Margaret Brewer
James Bryden
Tony Brown
Jane Butcher
Dr Hazel Butler

Tina Carpenter
Isabel Carter
Patricia Margretta Cassidy
David Chapman
Jim Cockburn
Ron Collard
Paul Collett
Jan Cooper
Rob Cotton
Sue Collins
Andrew Conway
Joan Copeland
Charles Coulson
Steve Cox
William A. M. Cutting

Trudy Adams

Judging Meghan / The Sunshine List

Isaac Ayodele

A Curious Little Question A Walk With The King

Eve Bonham

The Lost Journey Homeward

Margaret Brewer

The Father’s Heart in Flowers

William A. M. Cutting

Face the Future series

Ian Andrews

Equipped to Heal

Peter Bell

God in the Box

Dr Hazel Butler

I Know a Young Woman who Swallowed a Lie

David Chapman

The Little Things

Sue Collins

God of Miracles

Steve Cox

Eternal Life

Andrew Conway

Jan Cooper

The Spacious Place 

d – f

Alison Daunton-Fear
Christine Dawling
Ruth Stranex Deeth
Nadine de Lange
N. R. Dixon

Jane Fucella

Behind the Smiles

Naomi Dixon

The Trouble with Tabby

Darren Edwards

Getting to Know the Holy Spirit

Batya Fulcher

The Sound of Caring

Marianne Edwins

Child of Mine

Judy Edwards

My Art of Poetry

Nick Franks

Nadine de Lange

Edward Fleet

g – h

Joyce Gbeleyi
Jean Goodwin
Leon Gosiewski
Peter Grant
Tim Grant
Steve Gravett
Ruth Gregg
Tammy Griffith
Johanna Griffiths




Chris Halls
John Hastings
Steve Hawkins
Mike Hensman
Anita Hill
Tim Hill
Stephen Hilliam
Alan Hoare
Gary Homewood
Katy Hounsell-Robert

Joyce Gbeleyi

Life Begins When You Choose

Leon Gosiewski

The Language of Love, Forgiveness, Faith, Prayer and Healing The Language of Knowing Our Heavenly Father’s Heart and Will

Peter Grant

The Ascent

Chris Halls

Jesus: The first 10,000 days 

Ruth Gregg

Times of Refreshing

Tim Hill

Eleven Plus Without the Fuss

Alan Hoare

The Song in the Gate Shoe Leather Faith

John Hastings

Found in Translation

i – k

Mark Iles
Alaereba Stella Ikiriko
Val Inchley

Elspeth Jackman Keith Jackson Diana Jeffery Luke Jeffery Leah Jeffery Mark Jeffery Seth Jeffery Elaine Jenkins Anna Jensen Steve and Julie Jonathon Martin Johnson Paulette Jones Florence J Joseph

David Kateeba
Joan Kearney
P. A. Kennan


Mark Iles

Developing Your Prophetic Gift

Leah Jeffery

Unjustified Joy

Paulette Jones

Another Promised Land

Joan Kearney

Shaped to Fit

Florence Joseph

The Undivided Heart

Diana Jeffery

Ducks Quack, Eagles Fly

Anna Jensen

The Outskirts of His Glory

Steve and Julie Jonathon

l – n

Rachel Lancashire
Anika Lillicrap
F. Linday
Becky Lovatt

Dr Adedeji Majokodunmi
Peter Marks
Pat Marsh
Veronica Martindale
Samuel Masamba
Abi May
Vicky Meyer
David McDougall
Mary Weeks Millard
Robert Miller
A. Mills-Roberts
Pamela Millyard

Rory MaGrath
Maeve McMahon
A. E. Mitchell
John Mollitt
Patricia Morris
Maressa Mortimer
Alex Mowbray
Steve Mullins
Julienne Munyaneza
Tracey Muponda
David Muskett
Colin Newton
Ted Nicholas
Pat Nickson
John-William Noble

John-William Noble

The Basics of Christianity

Rachel Lancashire

The Ark and Noah

Steve Mullins

It’s Time to Go…

Tracey Muponda

Purpose, Provision and Power

Pam Millyard

The Passing Years

Samuel Masamba

Pursuing Holiness

Anika Lillicrap

The Greatest Gift

Maressa Mortimer

Sapphire Beach

o – q

Philip Quenby

Natasha Peto

Bachelorette to Bride

Werner Oder

Battling with Nazi Demons

David O'Brien

Northern Soul

Lyn Peterson

Royal Birds.

Elisabeth Pike

Michael Ogwuche

r – s

Simon Ratsey
Prue Robinson
Annie Roebuck
Jenny Rose
Lucy Rycroft

Laura Samuel
Michael Shaw
Julie Shimizu
Charles Sibthorpe
Joyce Sibthorpe
Matthew Siddle
Queeneth Simelane
Simon Flett
Jackie Slough
Martin Smith
Raymond Smith
Raymond G. Stokes

William L. Smith
Don Southey
Patricia Southway
David Staines
Alison Stedman
Peter Stevenson
Pamela Ruth Stewart
Dorothy Stock
Shirley Stone
Kate Strickland
Gwynneth Sunshine

Lucy Rycroft

Deborah and Jael

Kate Strickland

A Prayer Companion Through Cancer

Charles and Joyce Sibthorpe

Faith Food For Every Day

Julie Shimuzu

With Candles on my Shoes

Martin Smith

Treasure Tree series

Matthew Siddle

Destined for Faith

Queenethe Simelane

Character Matches the Assignment

Peter Stevenson

The Healing Beyond the Miracle

Gwynneth Sunshine

Darkness to Destiny

t – z

Geoff Treasure
Jane Upchurch

Helen Vanstone
Shade Vaughan
Natalie Vellacott
Susanna Viitanen

Helen Vanstone

Africa, Birthright and Calling

Virág Wheeler-Mezei

My Mighty Son

Chris Wren James

Beyond Prophetic Naked I Stand

Martin Wild

The Gospels in Harmony

Lizzie White

26 Years to Eternity

Peter Wilks

What God believes about YOU

Heather Wilson

Nin and the Wonderic Discovery 




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