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Outgrowing the Shackles

Outgrowing the Shackles

A fresh look at God’s process of healing, through testimony and teaching.

Emotional healing is often a process. God, in His infinite love and wisdom, addresses issues in our hearts in His own timing and not necessarily in the order we might choose. The freedom He brings us is not usually and instantaneous event, but a result of our growth and maturing as we allow Him to gentle touch every area of our lives.

Helen Pollard survived a traumatic childhood through Jesus’ miraculous healing, alongside help from secular therapies and varied prayer ministries. In this book she uses her own story to guide us into principles that we can apply to our own lives – to outgrow the shackles. Helen’s blunt realism is disarming, whilst her profound wisdom and insight into healing and forgiveness are a challenge to every believer.

“…incredible nuggets of wisdom and teaching in such an engaging and helpful way.”

Rev. James Grier

Leader of Unlimited Church, Exeter

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Helen Pollard

Helen Pollard


Helen, 65, survived a traumatic childhood through Jesus’ miraculous healing and help from secular therapies and varied prayer ministries. The only one of nine to complete an arduous five-and-a-half-year course leading to an honours degree in Sociology / Social Admin and qualifications as a State Registered Nurse and a Certificated Health Visitor, she was keenly interested in mental health. As a health visitor she helped people in emotional need; as a nurse of children, and babies in intensive care, she particularly supported her patients’ families.
Helen married Steve in 1979. Sadly, their first son, Joe, died after thirty minutes. Their other three are thriving Christians, married, and have produced six delightful grandchildren. After struggling with several cancers and other illnesses, Helen responded to God’s call to become a counsellor. She is trained in psychotherapy, holds a Diploma in Life Business and Executive Coaching and a further degree in Eclectic Counselling. She has practised for over thirty years in both secular counselling and coaching, and in prayer ministry.
In 2010 God led Helen and Steve to combine their prayer ministry experience and therapeutic training in the ministry ‘Bespoke Growth in God’ which now serves churches, marriages and individuals nationwide. Written following requests from many clients, and another call from God, this book combines the story of Helen’s childhood and early adulthood with insights and tools honed in that ministry. Helen’s desire is to enable those in seemingly impossible circumstances to press into, and find hope in, God.




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