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Paul and Annie’s Great Big Tandem Tour

Paul and Annie’s Great Big Tandem Tour

The hilarious adventures of Paul and Annie Roebuck as they cycle for charity from Land's End to John O' Groats.

Cycling is to Paul what breathing is to most people, but I am neither a cyclist nor keen. He was probably born clutching a bike pump tightly in his fist whereas I am more of a coffee shop kind of girl… Friends suggested we borrow their tandem and that’s where it all started. We discovered riding together was actually quite fun. One day I picked up a book about travelling from Land’s End to John O’ Groats.

I commented to Paul, “We should do this one day!” After all, I didn’t find reading the book exhausting at all… Thus begins an adventure from the southwest of England to the north of Scotland – full of breathtaking scenery, humorous happenings and rather too many hills.

ISBN 9781911086062

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Annie Roebuck

Annie Roebuck


Annie is a child of the 60s; born in London and moving out to Dartford as a toddler. She attended Wilmington Christian Fellowship for many years where she became a Christian, and the church supported her through her time at Cliff Bible College. She moved to Macclesfield (the centre of the universe) in 1992 to take up the post of Youth Evangelist, and on the very first Sunday in the town met Paul who would become her future husband, and tandem partner. Paul has two sons ñ Jamie and Simon ó whom Annie has loved, mothered, fretted over, enjoyed and been exasperated with, as they have with her! Paul and Annie attend Wellspring Methodist Church in Congleton where Paul is a worship leader and the treasurer, and Annie the Family Outreach Worker. They are very proud grandparents of four grandchildren. Paulís hobbies include cycling, walking and a new hobby of model railways. Annie enjoys jigsaws, gardening, crafts, coffee shops, people… anything but cycling.

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