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Preparing for Revival

Preparing for Revival

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Revival is coming, but we need to be ready!

Michael shows how a final end-time revival is prophesied in Scripture, but also highlights the importance of being prepared for what God is about to do. In a ‘post-truth’ culture, the need to really know Jesus, the Truth, is greater than ever before. It is time for us to ground ourselves again in the foundational truths of Scripture and develop a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit, to live holy lives and to demonstrate the power of God to the world around. It is time to pray more strategically and to lay our lives down for the Kingdom of Heaven.

This rallying call from a missionary to the West will increase your hunger to see God’s will done in your life, in your church and in your nation.

I would recommend this book to those who … want to experience revival in their lives!

Rev. Israel Olowule Olofinjana

Pastor, Woolwich Central Baptist Church


About the Author

Michael Angley Ogwuche

Michael Angley Ogwuche

R&R Presbyter, Methodist Church Southport Circuit

The Revd Michael Angley Ogwuche began to preach the gospel in 1987 shortly after he accepted Jesus Christ in the city of Kaduna, Nigeria where he was born. He believes we are a broken people living in a broken world and needing a Saviour to save us from our broken lives; thus, he considers the Bible an indispensable and critical tool for the navigation of our world.

Michael has served as Street Evangelist, Director of Bible Correspondence, Associate Pastor and more recently as National Chaplaincy Coordinator of the Church of God Scotland. Presently Michael serves as an R&R Presbyter with the Methodist Church of Britain at the Southport Circuit where he resides with his family and has pastoral oversight of three churches. In addition, he hosts the Pneuma Podcast on various Internet platforms including iTunes, publishes a quarterly personal newsletter, The Adventure, and is a member of the Association of Christian Writers.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Postgraduate Diploma in Theology with focus on Global Mission and Culture. He is passionate about social justice and above all a reasonable enthusiast for Jesus Christ in a post-truth world.

Endorsements and Reviews

Rev. Israel Oluwole Olofinjana

One of the current shifts in world Christianity and world mission is that we now have reverse missionaries from Africa, Asia and Latin America in the UK. The Christianity that is being proclaimed by Global South reverse missionaries and pastors is conservative and reminds of Biblical Christianity. Michael Ogwuche is one of those reverse missionaries and through this book he reminds us the basic tenets of Christianity [necessary to] experience revival. I would recommend this book to those who wants to understand the passion of African reverse missionaries in the UK and for those who want to experience revival in their lives!

Rev. Israel Oluwole Olofinjana
Pastor, Woolwich Central Baptist Church, London
Director, Centre for Missionaries from the Majority World

Rev. C. Paschal Eze

In ‘Preparing for Revival’, the author makes clear and compelling his burning desire to get lives transformed and God glorified, explaining how it all starts with “return[ing] to God’s word and His ways”. Written in an engaging style that engenders contemplative action, Revd Michael Angley Ogwuche instructively places demand on his readers, inviting them at times to do life-changing and enriching things like “ask[ing] the Holy Spirit to come into your heart and dwell in you”. … Revival only happens in partnership with God, and it needs preparedness. It is never experienced independent of God, and is never a happenstance. Revd Ogwuche wants everyone to know and apply that – and carefully provides Bible-based ‘how-to’ in this book.

Rev. C. Paschal Eze
Vice President for Communications and Spiritual Life
Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries (DRMM), Detroit, Michigan, USA

Revival only happens in partnership with God, and it needs preparedness.

Rev. C. Paschal Eze

Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries

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