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A Taste of Heaven


How a vision received by an ordinary woman resulted in the world-changing Jubilee 2000 debt relief campaign.

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Flying over central Africa in 1994, Isabel Carter sensed God’s anger at the huge injustice of Third World debt and was given a vision from God – that the year 2000 was the be a year of Jubilee in which the burdens of debt would be cancelled.

As she shared the vision and sought help from aid agencies, a small group of ‘nobodies’ began working together on helping this idea gain momentum.

Isabel was a member of the steering committee that oversaw the founding and development of Jubilee 2000, which eventually led to an unprecedented international coalition of aid agencies in 40 countries and a record-breaking petition to cancel world debt.

Isabel tells the story of how a vision from God on an aeroplane became a world-changing movement in just 6 years.

ISBN 9781788156516 (PB) / 9781788156523 (EB)

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