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Awaken the Dawn


The story of Anne Bland’s ministry of hospitality in Africa.

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When Anne Bland and her husband find themselves in Africa without a home, an estate agent offers them the perfect house. The only problem is, they are missionaries and penniless! But God intervenes and the house becomes theirs. Soon they find people being led to their home to receive hospitality, to hear the Gospel, to grow in their faith – and even to get married.

However, when Anne discovers that her husband has been unfaithful to her, her world falls apart. Soon she finds herself fighting for her home, her family and her health. Yet, in the midst of everything, she finds hope and strength in the faithfulness and unfailing love of God.

ISBN 9781788156806 (PB)

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  1. Carol Rawlings

    What a brilliant book. The book is written so well that I am transported to where Anne is describing and what she is doing. When I had finished I thought WOW what a fascinating life Anne has led through happy times and sad times then back to happy times. Her faith is so strong which is what must have got her through some of what she went through. She has helped so many people that she has met over the years. I am looking forward to her next book. I need to know what happened next in her life.

  2. elizabeth Wilkinson


  3. marion cameron


  4. irenemurphy

    Book shows that, through thick and thin, whatever happens to us; our Heavenly Father has his purposes;and He the Almighty one, is ever in our lives, seeing, and moving in His way, in detail; with His Holy spirit, and HIS Purposes

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