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Behind Closed Doors


Finding healing from Domestic Abuse.

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Alison Reid tackles the tragedy of domestic abuse towards women in our society today and in even in the church – usually behind closed doors and unknown to others around. Alison was herself subjected to abuse by her father throughout her childhood and adolescent years. The first half of the book tells her story, openly and helpfully. Then she goes on to explain how to recognise an abuser and the signs of a dangerous relationship, as well as explaining how abuse typically looks in the context of a Christian marriage. She reveals how the abuser uses scriptures out of context to justify his actions and to keep the family silent, and then helps the reader to lay down new biblical foundations that will help her to take appropriate action. If you are experiencing (or have experienced) domestic abuse, or if you suspect that someone you know is being abused, this book will give you invaluable help and advice.

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