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Depression: Jesus is Calling You


A practical guide to overcoming depression, from a Christian perspective.

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– What are the causes of depression?
– Why do some Christians struggle with anxiety, fear and confusion?
– Can the Bible help control our feelings?
– How can we break free from despair?

P. A. Kennan herself struggled for many years with clinical depression, eventually leading to her contemplating suicide. However, as she began to investigate the root of her depression, she discovered a key to healing, for herself and for others.

Kennan summarises the known causes and common treatments of depression, then guides the reader through the relevant emotional and spiritual issues, providing practical insight that can lead towards recovery. Helpful both for those suffering from any level of depression, as well as a useful resource for counselling, this holistic guide provides a biblical, Christian perspective on current medical understanding.

ISBN 9781788156653 (PB)

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