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Face the Future: Seniors, Make the Most of the Health You Have


The third in the series of Dr William A. M. Cuttings self-help books for senior citizens.




Face the Future is a four-part book series that addresses topics of special relevance and interest to the over-60s, from a Christian perspective. Balancing practical advice, inspirational stories and a generous dose of humour, William Cutting shows how Seniors can live life to the full, with purpose, pleasure and a positive approach.

The third book encourages Seniors to make the most of the health that they have. As well as providing helpful, easy-to-understand medical advice and practical suggestions, the book teaches how to make the best use of the existing health services. There are steps that Seniors can take to minimize future risks, including sensible eating, reasonable exercise, arranging a safe living environment, and a careful use of the right medication. With appropriate lifestyle changes, Seniors can enjoy good health and fitness.

ISBN: 9781910197134 (PB) / 9781910197639 (HC)

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