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Faith in His Future


Poetry by Adele Pilkington, based on the Book of Hebrews’ list of heroes of the faith.

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“…these poems … illuminate [Bible stories] in a way that is relevant and applicable to the life of faith today.”
Revd Dr Sandy Roger – Former Principal of Faith Mission Bible College

“…a refreshing and uplifting light to familiar and well-loved Bible stories…”
Valerie Sim – Local Schools Worker, Scripture Union Scotland

So many heroes of the faith,
So many tales to tell,
Of Gideon, David, Samson,
Jephthah and Samuel.

So many more who suffered wrongs,
Tortured, friendless, homeless,
Turned despair to advantage,
Though to the world seemed powerless.

Are these just tales from history?
Of days of valour gone?
Or do they speak of greater things,
God intended for each one?

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