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Feasting on the Father


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The Bible is essentially a love story – a book that reveals the heart of a Father towards his children. God does not keep his distance from us, nor is it his desire to punish us. On the contrary, his love compelled him to send his only son into an imbalanced world – to suffer in our place, and to bring us back to the Father as royal sons. Now, we are welcome to the table of the King of Kings…

This book is an in-depth Bible study, centred on Song of Solomon chapter 2 and revealing the heart of a loving Father throughout the scriptures. Far from being academic theory, the teaching is a heart-to-heart talk and passionate exploration of how to enjoy God’s intended relationship every moment of our lives.

The truths explained in this book have the power to change your life. Once you have feasted on the Father, you will not want to look back…

ISBN: 9781907509346 (PB)

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  1. S? Franklin

    A fantastic read. Opens up the heart of God for us revealing the abundance of His grace & encouraging us into a deeper walk with Him.

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