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Hit the Ground Running


“Muses, reflections, poems, prayers and rants on life’s crazy journey.” – Hilary Jane Hughes

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Hilary’s poems describe life in its fullness – its beauty, its pain, its purpose. Through the highs and lows of life’s journey the author openly expresses the deep emotions and questions faced by her, but also an eternal hope that keeps her moving forwards.

Here are fifty-five pieces, varied in length and focus. Some are raw and restless, others sentimental, whimsical or quirky and yet others a pouring out of love from the heart and from God. The author’s hope is they will inspire readers to be real about themselves, to press on in their faith, to own their gifts and use them for others and for the Lord.

“Christian faith does not negate or eradicate problems but gives a clear dimension beyond these things; the love that Jesus has for each person must be grasped and understood.”

– author

ISBN: 9781907509890 (PB)

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