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Jack and the Ultimate Dare


Jack and the Ultimate Dare is an adventure novel for children aged 10-12, based on the parable of the Good Samaritan.

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Jack Hart and his gang, The Reds, are the most feared boys in his year group. Breaking the school rules, shoplifting and bullying weaker students, Jack enjoys the feeling of power and is popular with many of the girls. Then one day he is invited to join a criminal gang, consisting of older lads who dropped out of school, if he is able to complete the ultimate dare. Jack and The Reds hatch a plan, whilst trying to avoid the ever-watchful eyes of the local police officer, PC Thomas, and of course their arch enemy – Old Man Sam.

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Dimensions 203 × 127 × 5 cm

eBook (ePub), eBook (PDF), FREE Worksheets, Paperback

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  1. Rachel Chamberlain

    I certainly would recommend reading this book! A masterpiece! Once you start it, it’s impossible to put down! I simple story to read with a Christian message at the end which should make you think about the message being given in the book.

  2. Geo

    I finished reading this book and it’s a great book for a family reading. It has a lot of life lessons and an amazing ending. I highly recommend it.

  3. Oana white

    We have read this book as a family and our boys aged 8 and 11 absolutely loved it! They couldn’t wait for bedtime to read the next chapter and find out what will happen to Jack. It has a good story line and a good message! We would strongly recommend it.

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