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JOEL: An Unexpected Hero


Children's fantasy fiction with the message that every child can be a hero.

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Rebecca loves her younger brother Joel, but sometimes she finds it hard to look after him – Joel has Down’s syndrome. One day, when Rebecca and Joel discover a ring of toadstools used by elves, they find themselves transported into a magical world in which Joel is the hero. Soon Rebecca discovers that her brother possesses very special qualities that she had not noticed before…

Eons ago when the world was newborn,
When the sun came up on the very first dawn,
When the flowers and trees were bright of hue,
And the way of men was to speak plain and true,
A shadow crept across this idyll –
A shadow which lengthened and troubles us still.

Our saviour will come from a world far away;
He will fulfil his destiny within seven days.
His world will not recognise his strength or his wisdom
Yet such is his vision to our aid he will come.
His name will be Joel, a child chosen before time;
His innocence alone is the key to our rhyme.

ISBN: 9781907509742 (PB)

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