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My Mighty Son


A family’s true story of endurance and overcoming against the odds.

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This is the story of a journey that few of us have to take; it is only for the bravest.
Virág and James are two young people who are talented, bright and attractive. Soon after their beautiful marriage and reception in a castle in Hungary, they came to live in one of the loveliest English cities … After a while Virág became pregnant; no one could have been more delighted and thrilled than both of them. Luki – or Luke – was born. Luke seemed a very healthy baby. They made a lovely family.
And then their lives changed suddenly and drastically. Luke became unwell at around six months old. He was admitted to the local hospital and then was transferred to Bristol for radical emergency brain surgery for an aggressive brain tumour …
But this is a story of triumph in the midst of pain, frustration, bewilderment and uncertainty; of peace and confidence where normally there would be none.
– Rev. Patrick Whitworth

ISBN 9781911086543(PB) / 9781911086550(HC)

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