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Mystery of the Caribbean Curse


A modern thriller based loosely on a true story.

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When Kanson leave the Caribbean, he asks Annah to fly out to join him in England – as his wife. Finally, all of Annah’s dreams seem to have come true. Although she has experienced suffering in her childhood, she finally has the opportunity to start again – a new country, a new family, a new hope.

Not everything goes to plan, however. Annah’s family refuses to grant her happiness, even so far from home. A clever concoction of lies keeps Kanson and Annah from pursuing their dreams and leads Annah down a path of gradual destruction. As she seems to be losing her sanity, she gradually realises that there is something supernatural at work – a curse that has followed her from the Caribbean.

Is there any way to be freed from such an evil power? The solution to the mystery is closer than Annah realises…

ISBN: 9781907509544 (PB)

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