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Pursuing Holiness


A Bible study on the topic of holiness.

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We are living at a time that most of the body of Christ has lost its mandate: the mandate of Holiness. God Almighty is Holy and He expects nothing less from His children. If ever we, as the body of Christ, are going to see the great move of God in our lives, families, nations and sanctuaries, then this is not an issue we can afford to ignore.

But is this holiness for all of us?
Is really attainable?
Is it a bunch of rules and regulations?
What happens if I don’t bother with it?

Based on Hebrew 12 v 14, Pastor Sam reveals scripture by scripture what God requires in your life concerning this subject of Holiness. Find out the will, plan and purpose of God in helping you live a life pleasing to Him and worthy of your repentance.

ISBN: 9781907509186 (PB)

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