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Running on Empty


The autobiography of S. Amos.

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“We were advised to keep a low profile because if we look like tourists we are likely to be targeted in Portugal. I found it difficult because I imagined Ted standing in the center of the square in Tavira, holding out his street map for all to see! I racked my brains to remember what had been stolen. My purse which contained aboiut six credit cards, debit cards, two cheque books, euros, sterling, mobile phone with all my contacts, my new small camera, my national health card, driving licence, pictures of my family…I couldn’t remember anything else.”

An inauspicious start to a new beginning, living in Portugal. Is this what life was going to be like living in a new country? Was it going to be the expected paradise, or was it going to be a nightmare?

The adventure begins…

ISBN: 9781907509193 (PB)

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