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The Christian Guide to Jobs and Careers


Practical and spiritual teaching concerning career development, finding a new job, etc.

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There is good news – God wants to amaze each one of us about our job situation! That is the truth, and yet with forecasts of rising unemployment and economic uncertainty set to continue, it can be a real challenge to believe that our Heavenly Father has good things stored up for us.

This book gives 21st Century Christians encouragement and fresh insight into what the Bible has to say about the whole area of careers guidance. It will be a vital resource for self-reflection, 1:1 support, or for group work – for individuals who are either unemployed, in work but looking for a new career direction, or for church leaders needing a practical and spiritual resource to help members of their church or community back into work.

The Christian Guide to Jobs and Careers is 16 power-packed chapters that will be invaluable to many who will find new and challenging careers as a result of reading and heeding this book. It is practical, insightful and anointed. This is a much needed resource, and I will be recommending it to some personal friends as well as to our church family.

– John Arnott, President, Catch the Fire Ministries

ISBN: 9781907509087 (PB)

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