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The Thalidomide Catastrophe


How it happened, who was responsible and why the search for justice continues after more than six decades.

This book details the history of the drug thalidomide, the extent of its impact and the quest for justice of its survivors.

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“This momentus book is the first comprehensive history of thalidomide… It demonstrates how many thousands of victims could have been spared very late in the day if Chemie Grunenthal had taken any notice of the early alarms. … [It] carries conviction by its scientific rigour, and the clarity of the writing. Fifty years after the deaths and sufferings, the thalidomide tragedy is marked by the odour of corruption and cover up.”

Sir Harold Evans, former editor of The Sunday Times and The Times

“The Thalidomide Catastrophe … sets out the Nazi ties that led to the formation of the drug’s manufacturer, Chemie Grunenthal…”

Nicholas Hellen, social affairs editor of The Sunday Times

ISBN 9781788156295 (PB) / 9781788156301 (EB)

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