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This Spacious Place


A memoir exploring how the love of God can bring true freedom, enduring peace and eternal hope in the midst of depression.

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“Although I had been brought up in church for most of my life, I hadn’t really understood that I was God’s child. That night I walked home with Peggy on ‘cloud nine’. The fear had gone, and I knew something beautiful had happened to me! God had filled me with His Spirit.”

Jan and her husband Geoff wanted to start a family. But it “wasn’t happening” for them. So after much time and some hormone treatment, Jan was filled with excitement to discover that she had become pregnant. The excitement soon turned to fear, however, as the sense of responsibility of being a mother began to overwhelm her. Then, as she stayed at home to look after her daughter, a sense of isolation and loneliness began to grow, which would eventually develop into postnatal depression.

This short book of memoirs shows how the seeds of anxiety can gradually develop into depression, but also how the love of God can bring true freedom, enduring peace and eternal hope.

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