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Two Minus One Equals One


Teaching on coping with bereavement.

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“Death has its own diary. Sometimes it sends its visitor’s card in advance; at other times it turns up unexpectedly and unannounced. Death’s visits often seem random, meaningless and, in the minds of many, unjust. Invariably, however, those left behind find themselves grappling with a miscellany of emotions and thoughts which have to be worked through.”

In this book Geoff Treasure offers hope, comfort and advice to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one, with sensitivity and understanding. Himself a widower, Geoff relates the emotions, questions and challenges common to those who are suffering with grief. Using the biblical story of Lazarus as a reference and his own experiences as examples, Geoff provides practical help and warm encouragement whilst recognising the very personal nature of suffering.

ISBN: 9781907509469 (PB)

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