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When Faith is Weak


Teaching about challenges that almost every Christian will face at some point in their life.

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– Why is life so difficult at times?
– Why does God not seem to be there when you need him most?
– Why don’t things work out the way we expect?

In the ebbs and flow of life, when faith is tested and times are tough, we need to rediscover our confidence in God who patiently understands our fragility, freely forgives our sins, graciously restores our strength and lovingly lifts us to new heights of service.

Each chapter of this book is concerned with a particular problem or issue that every Christian will probably confront at some point in their life. The overriding message is that however we feel and whatever experience we face, God will never reject or abandon us but in his perfect time will bring to completion what he has begun.

“Tony Brown combines humour with tight argument to help us find our way … I warmly recommend this practical and relevant book.”

– Rev. Dr. James Dainty

ISBN: 9781907509919 (PB)

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