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When God Laughs


The author unpacks what the Bible has to say about joy, laughter and humour, and demonstrates that whilst Christian living can be challenging, our relationship with God is intended to be full of fun.

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God laughs and God has fun?

Many of us have been taught, or perhaps through experience have come to believe, that most things to do with God are of a solemn nature. He is God, right? He is the awesome, unfathomable Creator who sits enthroned above the circle of the earth. He is remote, sober, and surpassingly superior in every way and therefore beyond our understanding and incompatible with our notions of humour and fun.

Well, yes and no…

As Steve Hawkins demonstrates from scripture, God has “a hearty laugh and a right royal sense of fun”. As we deepen our understanding of God’s humour, fun and joy, we discover profound implications for our own lives too.

ISBN: 9781910197646 (PB) / 9781910197653 (HC)

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