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Where Love Leads You

Ruth Stranex Deeth


The true story of missionary Ruth Deeth, who lived with a nomadic tribe on the Kenya/Uganda border, navigating political changes and unfamiliar local customs whilst demonstrating the unconditional love of Jesus.

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When an ordinary young woman gives her life into the hands of Jesus, extraordinary things begin to happen. Suddenly she finds herself taken away from her familiar Western culture to serve a nomadic tribe living in the hills and plains of Amudat, completely oblivious of the Kenya/Uganda border.

“I waved goodbye to my family at Durban airport in South Africa and flew to Nairobi. No miracle took place mid-air to change me into the super-spiritual being that missionaries are often made out to be. I was still Ruth Stranex, assessed as ‘not outstanding’, who would somehow have to fit into outstandingly difficult situations. What I did know was that God, who had called me, was in control, and I could trust Him with my life.”

Ruth faces great challenges in adapting to the culture of the people she wants to introduce to Jesus. As she lives with the local people, Ruth encounters their diet of cow’s blood and milk and their traditional customs and religious sacrifices. In trying to provide medical care, she faces the obstacles of superstitious beliefs and tribal politics. After a government coup in Uganda she is thrown into jail.

However, each of Ruth’s challenges gives her an opportunity to express the love of Christ to the people around her. It is only after she has left East Africa that she discovers the lasting impact Jesus has made through her – and sometimes in spite of her…

ISBN: 9781907509391 (PB)

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