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We publish the best of modern Christian literature.

Could your book be a part of our collection?

Do you have an inspirational life story to share? Christian teaching that God has placed on your heart? Poetry or artwork to share with the Christian community and beyond?

As a traditional publisher, we aim to bring the very best Christian books to the widest possible market. For both new and previously published authors, we are a Christian publisher of choice. Renowned for our author care, professional service and good communication, the majority of our authors come to us through recommendation. (You can read some of the testimonials below, or on Trustpilot.) And if you are a first time author, you can be sure we will explain the publication process step by step as it unfolds.

We have moved quickly with industry changes and new technology. We were one of the first UK Christian publishers to sell books on Amazon Kindle. However, we also have a traditional distribution network to Christian bookshops and churches nationwide as well as contracts with secular retailers and online services (e.g. Amazon). Our books are currently produced in hardback, paperback and eBook editions. Unlike most traditional publishers, we offer our authors a much higher royalty on eBook sales – up to 50% – and we allow our authors to retain full copyright of their work.

In most cases there is no fee for publication. However, we will often require you as the author to purchase a number of copies of your book when it goes to print, at a small discount. You can sell those copies on to friends and family, and make a profit even before royalties from our sales are included. In this way, you will also contribute towards part of the cost of publication and our early marketing. When you have submitted a manuscript to us and we have read it, we will be able to determine how many copies you will need to purchase (if any).


Luke and the team at Onwards and Upwards have taken my manuscript and partnered with me; encouraging, editing, listening and advising to bring my book to publication. Their care and enthusiasm continues in the marketing process, so that I feel my book is as important to them as it is to me. I highly recommend them.

Alison Steadman

Former Missionary

When I approached Onwards & Upwards about publishing my first book, I found them incredibly helpful and encouraging. As I proceeded with them, they gently guided me through the process right up to the finished product. I am genuinely very impressed!

Alan Hoare


I would wholeheartedly recommend Onwards & Upwards to any writer, new or experienced. They do an excellent job and never impose their ideas without negotiating with the author. Once the book is out, they do their best to market it.

Julienne Munyaneza


Onwards and Upwards have the author’s best interest at heart. Everything is explained throughout the process in a professional way, right through to the end product. They are very supportive and ready to answer every question. Their advice, guidance and useful information has enriched my writing journey and boosted my confidence.



From the outset to the conclusion of my dealings with Onwards and Upwards (which was approximately 18 months), I found Luke Jeffery, Managing Director, to be immensely helpful. Though he has scores of authors whom he looks after, his attentiveness is personal, focussed and constructive. It was a pleasure dealing with him and the company as a whole. A hugely rewarding experience and one in which they guide authors through with sensitivity, patience and wisdom.

Esther Anderson


All the way through the publishing process Onwards and Upwards has encouraged me. They answered all the questions that I had, keeping me up to date with progress and providing ideas and suggestions to boost sales.

Dorothy Wigan





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We publish the best of modern Christian literature. Could your book be a part of our collection?

Launched in 2008 and registered as a limited company in 2011, Onwards and Upwards Publishers have rapidly grown from a small family business to an acclaimed modern publisher with international distribution and a wide range of books endorsed by some of the leading Christian teachers and ministers in the UK today.

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