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Railroad Evangelistic magazine features ‘Faith on the Line’

Railroad Evangelistic magazine features ‘Faith on the Line’

Christian Railroad magazine 'All Aboard' shares three great examples of persistent prayer.

A recent article in the ‘All Aboard’ magazine talks about the importance of praying for our loved ones in the matter of salvation. John Mollitt’s book Faith on the Line was one of three examples mentioned of a story that showed great persistence in prayer that affected future generations.

John tells the story of his godly grandfather, James Pratt who worked for 40 years as a railway signalman in the UK and who later also became a Methodist minister. From the book, you can tell he was a man of faith who loved people and loved to share the word of God, as he always carried a pocket full of gospel tracts wherever he went. John Mollitt loved and greatly admired his grandfather but had never given his life to God. Six months after his grandfathers death, John gave his life to the Lord. John says towards the conclusion of his book about his grandfather;

“Those prayers which, no drought, Grandfather had pleaded since the day of my birth, were answered six months after his death. What an incentive and encouragement that it is to continue praying for our children and grandchildren.”

“Never give up!”

About the Book

James Pratt, born in north England in the late nineteenth century, spent much of his life working on the railway. But whilst he was a signalman by profession, he was a preacher of the Word by vocation. For 70 years, he served the Methodist Church as a local circuit preacher, and preached Christ not only with words but also by example, holding fast to the gospel and timeless Christian values. He also took these values into the local community, contributing for over 40 years to the National Union of Railwaymen, and serving as a parish councillor.

As you read this story of an ordinary man whom God used to have a great impact for his kingdom, you too will find yourself encouraged to remain faithful to Christ in your own life and, as the apostle Paul wrote, to ‘run in such a way as to get the prize’.


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