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Reclaim Your True Identity in Christ!

Reclaim Your True Identity in Christ!

Reclaim Your True Identity in Christ!

Last year Lyn Peterson, author of Royal Birds: God’s Overcoming Daughters, held a novel book launch – in the form of a Christian teaching event on the subject ‘Reclaim Your True Identity in Christ’.

This inspiration (non-denominational) Christian teaching event with worship, dance and testimony, was held at Trinity Centre in Shrewsbury on 12th October, and drew around 50 people.

Two teaching sessions were led by Lyn Peterson. Using the swan, a bird which is under royal ownership, as a metaphor for Christian identity, she discussed the issue of low self-esteem (a common problem in today’s society) and how we can dismantle our negative self-concepts. Instead of feeling like Ugly Ducklings, we can develop a new, godly mindset, recognising our value in God’s eyes, with the help of the Holy Spirit.

The purpose of the event was to promote intimacy with Jesus and to begin (or continue) our healing journey. Christian dance group Roots performed a dance based on the Royal Birds theme, and participants also enjoyed refreshments and the opportunity to meet others on a healing journey.

About the Book

The allegory of the Ugly Duckling contains a powerful message: the duckling had no idea of its own potential or destiny until one day it saw its reflection in the water – and in that pivotal moment, realised it was a swan.

Journey with Lyn as she explores, through testimony and teaching, how each of us can reclaim our identity as a precious daughter of God. Find freedom from an Ugly Duckling mentality and step into your destiny as one of the King’s Royal Birds.




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