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Reviewer of Judging Meghan “didn’t really want it to come to an end”

Reviewer of Judging Meghan “didn’t really want it to come to an end”

Rob Allwright gives glowing review of Trudy Adams YA novel Judging Meghan.

A recent review posted on One Man in the Middle, a blog run by Rob Allwright, offers very positive feedback for Judging Meghan. 

He describes how the Young Adult novel is relevant for girls today, despite being set in the 1930’s, writing, “these same worries for young (and not so young) ladies transcend the setting and Meghan’s story can speak into those feelings!”.

Rob also praises the way in which Trudy Adams shows the main character’s journey of faith, “This book deals with this very real struggle and battle to have faith when bad things happen.” He reassures, “this book doesn’t ever feel too preachy or too heavy and it leaves the reader to make up their minds and possibly Meghan never quite makes up hers.”

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We hope you too will be inspired by Judging Meghan! 

I enjoyed the story and didn’t really want it to come to an end, and for me that is always the sign of good writing.

Rob Allwright

About the Book


“What’s the country coming to? Losing our homes, our jobs, that’s one thing, but to lose our respect for each other, to stoop to this level to survive – it’s… it’s primitive!”

Meghan Manley is the middle child of five, and her family are quite content living on their farm in 1931 Australia. But when they are forced to leave and join hundreds of others on the road, looking for work, they are faced with both the best and worst of humanity.

At sixteen Meghan is not sure how to take this new life of desparation and uncertainty. Her friendships, beliefs and sense of self are tested, but nothing more so than her own character, pivoted on one of the hardest things of all – the need to forgive.

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