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Ruth O’Reilly to interview Rob Cotton on UCB2

Ruth O’Reilly to interview Rob Cotton on UCB2

Tune in to UCB2 at 11.00 on Tuesday 7th August

Rev. Rob Cotton will be discussing his recently published book, Hope in the Main Street, during an interview with Ruth O’Reilly from 11.00 to 12.00.

About ‘Hope in the Main Street’

Rev. Rob Cotton demonstrates how our churches can engage with the community around, building relationships that enable social action, presenting the teachings of the Bible in ways that contemporary audiences can relate to and presenting Christianity as genuine good news.

Rob has led a number of churches, as well as being Senior Campaign Manager at Bible Society and on the leadership teams for national campaigns such as Hope 08, Biblefresh and The 2011 Trust (celebrating the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible). From the humorous to the heartbreaking, these stories from his years of ministry will equip you, encourage you and challenge you to bring ‘hope on the main street’.




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